Tuesday, 2 July 2013

finished and on with the next project!

Oh dear it has been a while since my last blog. Guess I have just been head down and illustrating.
Well my picture book concept is illustrated and roughly mocked up. I have emailed it off to a few publishers and sent a printed copy to my favoured publisher. After all it was their guidance and advice that has pushed me along this last few months, I pray they like it, or at least the style and see some potential in my work.

This is the back and front cover design....

So whilst I await response (could take months, if at all), I am working on some images to sell, a few commissions and other book ideas.

Generally all in all I am feeling positive and happy to be doing what I love passionately. Happy sitting in my studio, overlooking my lush beautiful garden, with the studio cat (Monty) and bonkers chickens for day time company. Sometimes just in peace listening to the birds, but today new music on repeat, loving Passenger 'All the little lights' funny, moving and a bit sad too, but great words and music to inspire. Music is so important to me and my way of working. Leave your comments below as to what music motivates you whilst you work, I love to see peoples taste and be honest, make me smile with the silly and bizarre.

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