Sunday, 1 July 2012

Well another interesting week.
I have now finished all of the Small Worlds for the Ebook. Still negotiating the deal, but the work is complete. My agent and I are even thinking we could push this concept further and we are both working really hard on the concepts, Sarah is a great agent!

Also I had great news that I have won a competition! Late last year SCBWI held a competition to design a book plate for children, they were all judged at the SCBWI conference and mine was selected! They will go to print to be sold and used at this years conference, I will get a few copies and will also be featured artist on the SCBWI website for 3 months! That will possibly be early next year, I will let you all know when, but hopefully it will get some more interest in my work.

Today I have drawn up the rough image for the Jungle leaflet for the children's theatre company, waiting for approval or changes and then hope to get this one done by the end of the week, will post it here once it is done.