Friday, 30 November 2012

conference and cards

Well nearly a week has flown by since the great SCBWI conference in Winchester. It was wonderful to be surrounded by such passionate writers and illustrators. Met up with some of the lovely people I have met via SCBWI and their facebook page, people who have helped, guided and advised me, people who have pushed me to do more and who have given me belief in my capabilities as an illustrator.

I came away inspired not just to illustrate, but wanting to write too, maybe one day I will find the time to do 'my book', but for now there is work to do at the drawing board, a lot of it too.

I collected my greetings cards from the printers for the My Small Worlds range, smart they are too! awaiting the cellophane wrappers so I can get them packed and sold! OK that could take a while as I have quite a few.

Looking to sell as individuals at £2 and packs of 6 (one of each design) at £10 all inc p&p, so let me know if you want any, will aim to get an order page done on the website very soon.

Oh the website! yes it is in the refining stages at the mo, yes I spotted a spelling mistake that is bugging me, but take a look and let me know any comments. Plans for easy navigation are at the drawing board...

and here are the cards....
and a sample jigsaw...

Friday, 9 November 2012

Featured artist

Just over a year ago I discovered this wonderful society called The Society of Children's Book Writers an Illustrators. An international group with local groups or members based throughout the UK. I looked into what they do and the support they offer and thought  I'd sign up, I had a few doubts at the cost as I am running on a tight budget, but took the risk.

Well what an amazing year it has been! I have met some amazing writers and illustrators that are all so passionate about their craft. They have inspired me, guided me and educated me and given me faith i myself and what I do and can achieve.

Every year they have an annual conference, I couldn't go last year sadly, but they run competitions for both the writers and artists. Last year was to design a book plate..for those not in the know it is the piece inside the book cover that says something like 'this book belongs to....' Well one of mine was selected as a winner!
They are being printed and sold at this years conference in Winchester at the end of this month.
These were my designs, the Dragon won it!

Part of the prize is copies of the bookplate and also to be featured artist on the SCBWI page, a great honor....

this is the page, read away and I hope you enjoy.

So all I can say is that the membership cost has been worth EVERY penny, so much that I carried on my membership again this year and will continue to do so, I am also going to the conference this year to meet in person some of the wonderful people I have been in contact with over the last year via the society and their Facebook page and the Ning. Can't wait! going with folio and notebook/ sketch book in hand as I know there will be so much going on and so much to learn.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

moving forward

Moving forward on the tough decision I have made this week, I have been working on the logo for My Small Worlds. Not sure which to go with at the mo, whilst I like the rocket it is lost when the logo is reduced, what do you think?

I have been planning a new way forward with this project, looking at how they will work in book form and also ways to market the concepts. I have had so much support from family, friends and so many fellow creatives that I know I have made the right decision and will make this project work. Having fun along the way with creative ideas and I am really looking forward to developing them.

Now must get on with a commission I have, also based on this theme and one I really hope the customer loves!