Friday, 25 May 2012

Yipperdeedoodarday!!!! Well what a week, totally shattered from learning how to do my new 'day job'. But I have exciting news... my 'Small Worlds' book concept has been approved for the interactive book for the Ipad.
I will get more details next week, but I am so happy, this is going to be a fun project to work on.

Afternoon 'off' to get some bits ready for my agent, so back to work now I have shared my news....

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Well what a week it has been! I finished my 'day job' as a horticultural project supervisor on Thursday, started our new venture (well the training for) on Friday and Saturday, which will help look after the pennies.

However I also have a commission for some illustration/design work, a leaflet for a London children's drama group, working on this one today.

Also looks like the company that are doing the Ipad books are interested, so I have developed a few ideas ready for the next pitch. Fingers crossed for this one, think it would be so much fun to work on.

And I have another publisher interested in my illustrations for a children's Bible!

So all in all it has been an overwhelming week, highs and lows of emotion and a lot of 'what if's'.

So here is to looking forward and a lot of hard work, but also remembering the good times I had with T&M and some of the amazing people I have worked with (I will miss their company very much) and to some of the opportunities T&M have given me, like the Chelsea Flower Show stand design. Being awarded a Silver Gilt medal for my 1st ever display, that I designed, illustrated and constructed will be one of my proudest moments as a designer. Now lets hope for new beginnings.

Best get on....

Sunday, 6 May 2012

And here he is...Zeb under the brolly.
Shown as work in progress from the 1st sketch on my 1st blog to the finished item. Thought I would time myself on this too, just over 4 and a half hours. Not too bad seeing as I have not worked in colour pencil for quite a while.
All the rough spreads of Mo and Po are drawn up and ready to work on. Feels good to see my ideas on paper at last. I've loved working on this, so good to just draw, filled most of my sketch book with studies of Polar Bears and Inuit.

However today is about Zeb. I'm working the final image of him with the umbrella, for my agent....

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Well it's been a rotten week, rain, rain and more rain (much needed I know), but now the garden has gone mad! That and a stinky rotten cold.

Thankfully on the mend now and had a good day sketching the last few rough images for Mo and Po. I think this will look good once worked up and in colour with the dark blue sky and swirls of the Aurora Borealis in soft greens and yellows...