Wednesday, 10 December 2014


As artists we expected to have our own 'style' something that is recognisably ours. I look about my fellow creatives and see that yes, each and every one is very individual and very talented.

My own style is something that if I'm honest, I struggle with. My brain is so full of pictures I want to paint, many many characters to create and bring to life and places I want to capture in my own way. But I just simply cannot keep to one style, it would bore me. I continue to experiment with media and styles and find still that some things work for one image and yet not for another.

As you will see from the following, my work varies considerably from fine tiny detail in my 'Small Worlds' to highly detailed works for classic stories and poems, to simpler that fit well with characters.
Southwold World - Ink on Bockingford paper

The Owl and the Pussycat -  inks, acrylics and colour pencil on Bockingford paper

There's not mush-room under here - ink on Bockingford paper

See they are all so different, I think they are obviously mine from the use of bright colours, but style wise so diverse. My question is, should I be sticking to just one style? Am I wrong to be so varied? I have had various opinions on this and recently found this article about artists styles, but it left me with more questions than answers.

So what do I do to get my work seen and used in the highly competitive market? My heart says carry on, style and taste are so personal to the artists and the viewer. I don't want to 'specialise' in one style, I want to continue to be vibrant and varied and to cater for many tastes. But does this narrow or broaden my market? For publishing, probably one looks better, but for my customers, well they seem to like a bit of variety.

Please leave your thoughts in the comments, I am interested in seeing your opinions.