Sunday, 17 March 2013

phewee, shop is open!

OK it has been ages since I blogged, let along did any illustrating, but I have been so busy helping my son open his new shop.

Many months in the planning, gutting, painting, decorating and fitting, but we finally opened this week! We had amazing support from the locals who are so pleased to have a butcher in the village and on day two we even had repeat customers, who then came in the following two days too! So we are doing something right.

Anyway here are some piccies of the shop, design by me and window dressing by me, so I have not been totally away from being creative.

I have done a bit of art to 'keep my hand in' I recently did this logo for a friend who is an amazing photographer....

Check out her wonderful work at

And from doing this one I now have a commission for another logo too, so I really look forward to getting on with that one and the piles of images I have planed in my brain...back to the drawing board!