Sunday, 6 April 2014


Morning all.
Well it has been a busy few weeks. The Once Upon a Time exhibition at Ipswich art school is still running through until the start of May. To coincide with that I have been running a few art classes with the Ipswich and Colchester Museums at their Saturday morning art clubs. I have worked with various ages talking them through sketch work, simple character ideas to working on individual illustrations to depict The Owl and the Pussy cat. We were able to wander around the exhibition, talking about the amazing work and the museum lent us a beautiful taxidermy Tawny Owl to sketch from.

The results were wonderful, their imaginations went wild with ideas, beautiful creatures drawn and amazingly beautiful and unusual Bong trees were developed. A very enjoyable experience for me, rewarding to see the children's imaginations used with no limits. I also have a couple more schools interactive art visits coming up at the exhibition, where we plan to produce a frieze with 60 pupils Owls and Pussy cats all on one big image.

I have also finished the TA job at school, I have decided I need to take the bull by the horns, so to speak and throw myself into full time art, art teaching and writing. Really looking forward to having more time to create, so many ideas, characters and story lines to work on.

I have been working also on a few commissions and ideas for book covers. I have just finished an illustration for a book cover for a small publisher. The story by Caroline Pitcher is dark and mysterious, about moving on in life, new beginnings.

I have a few more books to be working on in the nest few weeks, plus commissions, so plenty to keep me busy, but as always still looking for commissions and hopefully a publishing deal!

A few weeks ago also saw the launch of my new website, constructed to my vague layout by a dear friend who is so amazing at this kind of thing. I'm over the moon with it, easy to navigate and smart and tidy. Pop by for a look and let me know what you think.