Tuesday, 19 August 2014

and now for something completely different, for me anyway

Ok so I'm an illustrator, but deep down there has been something else creative lurking. For many years I have had the seed of a novel, just niggling away at the back of my mind, a seed that had water and nutrients added a few years ago at a conference.

I attended the annual UK SCBWI conference in Winchester and one of the classes was working with us as illustrators, getting us to imagine and see all the detail in a piece of writing, it got us to open our minds further as artists. The artist leading the class, Debbie Gliori, read extracts from the following piece by Stephen King. It inspired me, not only as an illustrator (I think I put those details in my images already) but it made me want to write.

I came home inspired and the seed started to grow, eventually some months later I put pen to paper, well fingers to ipad and wrote my first piece, that now (slightly titivated) stands as my prologue. That was it I was hooked and wanted to write more and have.

My novel for YA is written, edited (twice), beefed up, spell checked. It has taken a year, but its been a wonderful journey, the seed had grown, blossomed and fruited, I have learnt so much about writing, the do's and don'ts, the research has taken me to unimaginable places and been very serendipitous along the way and I have learnt so much about myself, opened my eyes further with those details.

In honesty I only wrote it for myself, never really thought any more about it than that. However there have been a few willing people who have taken their time to read it, advise, help and praise where it's due and given me encouragement not to give up. I know I'm a way off being brave enough and proud enough of it to try submitting it, but maybe one day, until then new seeds are forming, I have 'the bug'.

Now over to Mr Stephen King, get inspired...


back at last

Morning all, hope things are good with you and you have all enjoyed the wonderful weather? It's a tad autumnal here in Suffolk today, but I'm hoping there is still more summer to be had yet.
It's been too long since I last checked in, but I have been busy I promise, illustrating book covers, private commissions, card designs and completing writing my own novel.

I have been working with a small publisher to relaunch a few novels with new covers four in total so far, though one was changed at the last minute which was a shame, but that's publishing for you. Pop by the link to my website to see the covers so far. http://www.egrahamillustrations.co.uk/books/
This is one, Watch & Wait, I have done for a wonderful anthology that will be launched in October, all proceeds will go to the Lymphoma Association.

With Christmas fast approaching I have been planning ahead and illustrating a range of cards that will go to print later this week. If you are thinking of wanting a special gift for family or friends for Christmas, I take commissions and will work closely with you so you get what you want. Drop me a line for a price guide and to discuss what it is you are after.

This is one of the card designs, 'Mice Skating' follow the link to see the rest in the range of 'play on words' greetings card designs