Friday, 31 May 2013

Busy, busy!

Well the casual work has gone a bit quiet at the moment, but is has given me so much time in the studio, which is wonderful.

I have had such a productive time. I have been working on some new characters and written them a short story, fun and colourful. One sketch book full of character development ideas, page layouts designed, all illustrations drawn up and about and a third the way through inking them.

This is the studio, work on the drawing board and model onlookers...

I love working in inks,I love the bright and vibrant colours, but recently rediscovered my old nib pen, so much freedom in sketching with inks and a dip pen, somehow it doesn't feel like it matters if the lines are free and a bit wobbly. I have had some interesting results and it has loosened my work up, which I am enjoying.

Hoping for more time on it next week and hope to get them finished and scanned and a book mock up done by mid June and then send it off to some publishers for feedback.

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