Thursday, 25 October 2012

So today is a catch up day, tax return, admin and hopefully getting started on a new commission, 'Music World' for a friends son for a Christmas pressie. Some great things to include and he lives in Brighton and runs a music shop there so there are some wonderful places to include in that world.

Also I am putting together some scans and a short biography piece as I am going to be 'featured artist' on the SCBWI page from November for 3 months, really hoping it may draw in some interest from publishers. However I am really not sure what to write about myself. Should it be basic info or a bit more of an insight into me, what made me want to be an illustrator, the things that influenced me and things that inspire me? Opinions greatly received!

I also still have Mo and Po knocking around my head and want to get on with these illustrations and do a book mock up, but as usual there is not enough time.

Here are some of the character sketches I have been doing for Po....

And so, back to the drawing board, enjoy your day everyone.


  1. Thank you Sally. I need to have a day at the zoo soon to just sketch, I think it will lead to lots of new ideas. What do you think about the short bio piece? Basic or more of an insight?