Friday, 17 October 2014

the 'C' word, seasonal of course!

OK so it is fast approaching, yes Christmas, sorry!

It is a busy time for many of us I know, so is it a 'Marmite' thing? Do you love it or hate it?

I have mixed feelings I'm afraid. Part of me loves it, but I also loath it too. I have been planning way ahead this year, only really from a business point of view. Creating enough stock of  artwork, hand painted tree decorations, card designs, that I'm due to collect from the printer next week and so on. So by the time we actually get to the big day I will no doubt be totally fed up with it all. BAH HUMBUG and all that. However I am looking forward to being at a few fairs this year, I do enjoy that side of it, hearing what the public think, seeing the excited faces of the children. As for the present buying, I'm sorry but I try to avoid the high street tat that gets churned out in their millions. I prefer looking for something different, hand crafted if possible, so head for galleries, craft markets and such like.

It's the commercial side that I dislike, the adverts start in September, just after the children go back to school, with the 'Have your sofa by Christmas' ads and from then on we are bombarded with toys, perfume and food ads, that are nauseating to say the least. The chef of the house panics about how to cook the turkey, and will it be enough? This makes me smile, after all it is just like any other roast dinner and if in doubt ask the butcher, he knows best. I have to say that though as my son owns and runs his own butchers shop, so it's a manic time for him too. I do the behind the scenes advert designing etc for him, so that has already started too.

I have loads to do before then, some lovely commissions, exciting ones too. So if the next few weeks could go slowly that would be great. So I'd best sign off and do some work!

Hers is a look at what I have been creating for the fairs, thinking I will be painting more soon too, as they are already selling!


  1. You're right; this IS a crazy time of year! I love it, for the most part, but I do not enjoy the stress -- and what that stress brings out in everyone around me, including me. Hope you have a wonderful -- and wonderfully stress-free -- holiday season!

    1. Stressful indeed, but fun too. It all starts too early, but I have to admit I have been getting work ready since September so I am just as guilty. Caryn, you have a wonderful and hopefully relaxing Christmas too.