Sunday, 9 September 2012

Yesterday I had a great day at a masterclass in London run by SCBWI and Little Tiger Press.
LTP had sent out a brief to SCBWI writers earlier this year to write a picture book. These stories were then sent out to illustrators to develop the characters and illustrate spreads.

My story was Megan Dragon and the Monster written by Jim Northcott.
The story was a big challenge for me as I felt I needed to develop all the characters as they all play a big part in the story. Three boy dragons, Flash, Dash and Rory and little Megan their sister and of course the monster too.

Here are my characters...

The masterclass was good, constructive feedback and an insight into children's book publishing.
I came away totally inspired and decided to crack on with a bit of 'Mo and Po'... here is todays piece...

So much to do and too little time as always! anyway off to do some more work on the Small Worlds now.


  1. Thank Heather, cheers for organising a yummy lunch. Only thing missing from yesterday was having time to look at what everyone had done, would love to have had a closer look at your work.