Thursday, 19 April 2012

OK well here it 1st blog. Something I have been meaning to do for ages, but had no idea for what to do or what to write.

However I will suss this out and hopefully someone may be interested.

Well it has been a nice week so far. Monday was an exhausting day at the London Book Fair, showing my portfolio to publishers and agents and generally getting good feedback, although some differing ideas on illustration fashions, that I will take into account and work on both my styles.

My agent was very encouraging and has sent me away to work up some ideas and develop some concepts for children's picture books.

Publishers ranged from picture books to children's Bibles (a lot of interest here).

So I have followed up this interest and will send out more samples of work.

Seems Zeb was generally the favourite from my portfolio. An old piece that a few years ago was not so fashionable, but now is a great hit, so I dug the little toy out of the loft and got sketching. (I'll try to post the images if I can work out how!)

Anyway best get back to the drawing board....

If you are interested in viewing my portfolio you can find it at


  1. Oooh - new blog! Brilliant stuff Emma. Love Zeb! Did you get any good leads? Let's catch up soon.

  2. Thanks Ruth, thought I should drag myself into the 21st century and embrace the blog thing. Yes a lot of interest from publishers, especially those that produce children's illustrated Bibles. A lot to get working on including book concepts for my agent.Exhausting day though, but well worth it. Good to see the 'book' alive and kicking.